Additive Manufacturing Top Ten Advantages

Introduction Additive Manufacturing, colloquially known as 3D printing, has progressively gained importance not only in various fields of business but also in the daily life of consumers. The technology is capable of joining various materials and creating objects from 3D data, usually, layer upon … Read more about Additive Manufacturing Top Ten Advantages

What Is Reverse Engineering?

Convergence Consulting believes that the process of Reverse Engineering is exceptionally beneficial because it accelerates the product development process and improves the quality of the products realized. So, first of all, we try to explain what is Reverse Engineering? Every time we capture … Read more about What Is Reverse Engineering?

Generative Design

Nowadays, every company is looking to increase their performance through new methodologies and/or technologies that can offer a quantum leap in generative design and development. Today  we want to talk about a new quantum leap: “Performance-Driven Generative Design Methods.” Performance-driven … Read more about Generative Design

Drive Product Innovation with Reverse Engineering

A modern approach to reverse engineering—backed by the latest measurement technology and software—can drive value throughout your business. • Rebuild CAD data for legacy parts and tooling. • Design new custom products that fit in, on, or around existing ones. • Document changes made … Read more about Drive Product Innovation with Reverse Engineering

Trends in 3D Scanners & Reverse Engineering

Healthcare and the auto industry will be critical markets for these devices. The market for 3D scanners & Reverse Engineering Software is projected to increase by a factor of four over the period from 2020 to 2030, according to a recent marketing study. This means the market for the scanners … Read more about Trends in 3D Scanners & Reverse Engineering

Model-Based Definition (MDB)

  Model-based definition (MBD), sometimes digital product definition (DPD), is the practice of using 3D models (such as solid models, 3D PMI, and associated metadata) within 3D CAD software to define (provide specifications for) individual components and product assemblies. The types of … Read more about Model-Based Definition (MDB)