Benefits of Digital Twins

What is a digital twin? A digital twin is a digital representation of a physical object or system. The technology behind digital twins has expanded to include large items such as buildings, factories, and even cities. Some have said people and processes could have digital twins, developing the … Read more about Benefits of Digital Twins


Design-to-Cost (DTC) is a management strategy and supporting methodologies to achieve an affordable product by treating target cost as an independent design parameter that needs to be achieved during a product’s development. Design-to-Cost, as part of cost management techniques, describes a … Read more about Design-to-Cost

Topology Optimization

The topology optimization method solves the fundamental engineering problem of distributing a limited amount of material in a design space. In general, topology optimization programs enable designers to create a robust and lightweight design and minimize material usage. Often, the result is an … Read more about Topology Optimization

What Is Reverse Engineering?

Convergence Consulting believes that the process of Reverse Engineering is exceptionally beneficial because it accelerates the product development process and improves the quality of the products realized. So, first of all, we try to explain what is Reverse Engineering? Every time we capture … Read more about What Is Reverse Engineering?