Consulting Services

Consulting Services

Start-Up and Methodological Setting, Benchmarking and Best Practices services in the Creo Parametric® environment.

Over twenty years of experience in the sector allows us to offer high competence, professionalism, flexibility, speed of intervention and results, for various types of companies and products. Convergence Consulting supports client companies in order to accelerate the growth process of the technological skills of the most precious capital, human capital.

Training on the job

The training activity is conducted by acquiring the information already possessed by the company to promote the desired technical/innovative developments. Using the training on the job methodology allows companies to grow focused on what really represents an innovation for the company in question. Training in the field and on the specific type of product to be developed is very different from a generic and abstract training on the functionality of a software.

Our technicians, knowing mechanically the characteristics of the type of product to be made, are able to provide the simplest, most effective, and efficient solutions to complete the assigned project within the established times and costs.

Model-based definition (MBD)

Using the Model-Based Definition (MBD) methodology, our engineers embed all the technical data of a given product directly into the 3D model. This model is the guide of all the design and production activities, moreover, should it be necessary to change some project data even in the final phase, it is easily modifiable, as it is parametric and built with simple and “robust” features. Model-Based (Mathematical) Definition (MBD) is an innovative and emerging approach to design that offers great promise for addressing increasing complexity, while reducing time, cost, and risk in new product development.

Model-Based Definition (MBD) is about creating rich “technical data packages (TDPs)” that include 3D models and associated data elements that completely define the product in a way that can be effectively communicated and used by all users to downstream without the need for 2D Drawings.

Model-Based Enterprise (MBE)

The next and final step is to create a Model-Based Enterprise (MBE), a fully integrated and collaborative environment that shares validated and authorized MBD data within the company. The goal is to allow the integrated implementation of all phases of the product development process, from concept to support activity (through Augmented Reality techniques).

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A trust consolidated over twenty years of experience

Convergence Consulting s.r.l. boasts notoriety in this area thanks to the consolidated relationships of trust with all customers. This trust is the basic feature for practicing a targeted and productive consulting activity by implementing all the information, your know-how, and problem-solving skills for the realization of a project. Identifying the real priorities of the company allows you to achieve the objectives set, guaranteeing excellent results.

Organizational agility

The concept of organizational agility is transmitted, a fundamental feature to always keep up with market demands. The ability to continually adjust and adapt the tools, skills, and reference models in one’s core business is considered the vital factor for corporate success.

The ability for continuous and effective change is the key element for survival and success. The only certainty is that our usual processes and ways of working are most likely no longer the best ways.

Some of our services:

  • Consulting services on specific projects both in outsourcing and at our headquarters.
  • Consulting services with integration of CAX and PLM tools.
  • Services on-demand or on project or co-design.
  • Static, dynamic, thermal, and kinetodynamic structural analysis services.
  • Process simulation services for product development and optimization.
  • Services regarding feasibility studies.
  • Product industrialization services.
  • Rapid prototyping services.