Our team of engineers is able to support companies in a complete way from CAD design to 3D printing of the component on any type of additive design. Allowing you to experiment in outsourcing and without fixed costs, additive manufacturing technology.

Realization of complex geometries

This innovative technology allows the realization of very complex geometries with less weight and high flexibility in developing projects that can evolve during construction.

In a rapidly evolving market, it is necessary to be quick during the production phases of the product or prototype, in order to optimize the time to market and also the margin of error.

Cost reduction

Finally, cost reduction is very advantageous compared to the classic tools for creating a product thanks to the absence of fixed costs.

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stampa 3D e produzione additiva Emilia Romagna

Design for the future con Convergence Consulting

Convergence Consulting in collaborazione con CESAP, ha scelto per la stampa 3D ARBURG FREEFORMER.

La caratteristica principale della ARBURG Plastic Freeforming (APF) è la possibilità di lavorare granulati standard qualificati in modo analogo allo stampaggio a iniezione. Questa tecnica permette di realizzare componenti singoli o piccoli lotti prodotti da materiali originali, ma anche di personalizzare articoli di produzione industriale.

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