In the last ten years, we have built a strong collaboration & partnership with some reliable Thai companies with great expertise in mold design, mold manufacturing, plastic injection molding, and post-processing assembly.

From the high-precision tolerance molds to very large molds, we could always provide the craftsmanship for your desire with:

great quality,

great cost,

prompt delivery time,

high performance,

trustworthy service.

Our expertise include (but is not limited) to:

Electronic parts and packaging

Electrical Appliance

Automotive parts

Medical parts and accessories

Household products

Process Planning and Cost Management Tools

Dr.Kuotei Pro: Scheduling Management System for Mold Production.

Dr.Genka Pro: Cost Management System for Mold Production.



Quality Control

With high-quality control tools, you don’t have to worry as every workpiece is inspected and controlled in very good quality.

Sample of Mold