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Our methodology of training and commitment to customers is to propose a work plan focused and concrete, to assist users from design to manufacturing and more, for purposes far more extensive than those typical of the design process and production. These activities, in fact, often go to interact with the processes of marketing, sales, documentation and maintenance of the product. All this in a continuous manner, strongly focused on productivity. Transforming a technology in a solution is never taken for granted.

Each company has its own characteristics and specificity, which makes it unique and also competitive. This heritage must therefore be enhanced to achieve the best possible result in business terms. Our program is therefore specifically designed to enhance the skills within the company and make users, in the shortest possible time, productive on new tools and technologies. The goal is to give to the company some of the parameters and the precise return on investment.

Training sessions

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Gives you a complete understanding of the fundamental skills for the use of Pro/Engineer / Creo.


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Allows user to achieve a good level of knowledge of Pro/Engineer / Creo and the various used modules.


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Provides to the users a full understanding of Pro/Engineer / Creo based on products, methodologies & standards of their own company.


Project Assistance

Convergence Consulting provides, for longer or shorter periods, Consultants with good mechanical design expertise, both Senior and Junior, enabling the company customer to complete critical projects that require in-depth expertise and multidisciplinary. Our consultants combine good mechanical design skills and excellent knowledge of Pro Engineer / Creo Parametric Technology, today certainly the most advanced mechanical design tool on the market, and they are able to offer a reliable service, high quality, at extremely interesting price.

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A long standing cooperation between Convergence Consulting, and Innovation Code Ltd in Bangkok – following a model of global and integrated network called C.E.I.N (Convergence Excellence Innovation Network) – allows us to provide at COMPETITIVE PRICES





Cein Network

Our success relies on the success of our customers


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